Video Games


Trailers and Movies

We offer a host of comprehensive audio services to accompany creators on their projects.

Sound Design

We create bespoke and tailored audio assets for your game, VR, trailer or movie projects. For game and VR projects we design assets with multiple variations for randomization and different in-game situations based on your project needs.

Audio Implementation

Using our created audio assets or those provided by you, we help implementing these sounds into your interactive projects. Our team is experienced in using tools such as Wwise, Fmod, Unreal Engine, Unity and other bespoke game engines, and will gladly assist you in achieving the results you are looking for.

Sound Effects Recording

With a considerable arsenal of microphones and audio gear as well as solid contacts with people helping us get access to otherwise difficult to obtain audio material, we record and create our own sound libraries or offer bespoke foley and field recordings of anything your project will require. This ranges from vehicles, weapons, to variations of character Foley moving over various surfaces and ambiance recordings.


We are collaborating with game and movie industry composers to cover your project's musical needs. Please refer to the About page to meet our music partners.

Audio Consulting

Being a group of experienced audio professionals, we offer our support by sharing our knowledge, helping you plan and design processes and systems to establish or improve the audio pipeline of your projects.

Testing and Support

We follow all our projects closely and accompany you along your decisions from concept to ship. We steer away from the « customer/client »mentality and will keep a direct line of communication open with all our customers as if we were a member of your development team, to ensure proper support and iteration.