We are Dramatic Cat

We are a team of audio professionals and game audio veterans, who joined forces to create auditory content for cool projects, with a new flexible and direct approach which we strongly believe to fit the ever-evolving needs of interactive media production.

Also accompanying us on this journey are a host of professionals ranging from mechanical engineers helping us get access to interesting vehicles and machinery, journalists with far reaching contacts allowing us to record otherwise inaccessible content, and musicians lending us their talent for fulfilling the creative needs of any project.

The Team

Piotr Malinowski

Sound/Voice Designer, Co-Founder

Filip Mozoluk

Sound Designer

Łukasz Mieczkowski

Weapon Specialist

Anthony D'amario


Jasper Yang

Sound Designer, Co-Founder

Christophe Gâteau


Martin Chartier

Sound Effects Recordist, Co-Founder

Our Studios

With currently 4 active sound studios in Paris, Nantes and Warsaw, we are expanding our facilities with a large Foley stage and vocal booth in Paris, to offer you even more services soon!

Our Equipment