A collection of 3D print files, woodworking blueprints and other D.I.Y. projects that you can dowload and use for free.
Usi Pro 3/8" Microphone Mount
December 20, 2021
3D printed microphone mount for 3/8" threads.
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Cable Holder
December 18, 2021
3D printed cable organizer
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Modular Stereo Bar
December 16, 2021
3D printed stereo bar with extensions
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Usi Pro Suspension Adaptors
November 3, 2021
3D printed adaptors to mount Usi Pro microphones on boom suspensions or other microphone holders.
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MixPre-6 Desk Stand
October 24, 2021
3D printed desk stand for Mixpre-6
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Rack Furniture
August 31, 2021
Low budget 11U studio rack
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Mixpre Knob
August 31, 2021
3D printed knob extention for MixPre series
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